The Homeopathic Consultation

The initial appointment will take one and a half hours to gather all the information I need.

I will determine your state of health by asking questions such as: what conditions and illnesses have you had in the past and what is your family's medical history? I will ask about all your present symptoms in detail to gain the exact symptoms you are experiencing. 

I usually post out your prescription following the initial appointment as I need time to go through the homeopathic principles and model.

The follow up and subsequent appointments are usually one hour long. These appointment will mainly cover what changes have occurred, before deciding on the next step of your treatment.

There are usually 2-6 weeks between appointments and most people on average have three appointments.

Fees inclusive of prescriptions per appointment:
Initial appointment £60
Subsequent appointments £50

All medicinal products from UK pharmacies are registered.

Remedies will not interfere with the action of any medicines prescribed by your doctor.

I advise my patients to also seek independent medical advice and stay in contact with their mainstream healthcare professionals.